Monday, June 13, 2016

In 1992, the Austin Historical Society created the Austin Historical Museum inside the Gridley Store in Austin, Nevada. In 2005, the Austin Historical Society purchased the old U.S. Forest Service building at 180 Main Street and has since moved the museum there.

Tourists from all over the world including Denmark, Italy, France, Germany and Canada come to the Austin Historical Museum. The Austin Historical Museum's permanent displays consist of artifacts from mining, ranching, the railroad, Native Americans and the old school as well as a printing press, artifacts/information on the USS Lander, old journals and books. All of these displays have either been loaned or donated by citizens around Austin, Nevada.

The Austin Historical Museum never really closes. If there is a group or individuals who are coming through, we will open the museum at a moment's notice for them. Learn more about Austin Historical Museum at

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