Monday, August 24, 2009

American Indian rock art comes alive at Toquima Cave

Located just outside Austin, Toquima Cave is a great archaeological site that contains prehistoric pictographs, which are painted symbols, designs, and patterns. To get to the cave, travel about 14 miles east of Austin on U.S. 50 to the point where it intersects with State Route 376 (the road to Tonopah). Turn south on 376, then after about a tenth of a mile, take an immediate left onto a dirt road that’s marked by an historical marker for Toquima Cave. (“Hot” tip: on your way there, you might want to take a dunk at Spencer Hot Springs.) Continue for about 15 miles across the valley and head into the mountains. At a place known as Pete’s Summit, you’ll reach the Toquima Caves Campground. The campground is marked with large forest service signs. Park near the campgrounds, then hike about a quarter of a mile on a marked trail to the cave.

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