Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Austin's 150th Anniversary — We're Off and Running!

Here are the first items that begin our list of "150 things to do throughout the year in Austin." Most of the things on this list of activities can be done throughout the year. Of course there'll be a few special dates, like our annual events and winter activities. Have fun in Austin, Nevada!

1. Take Highway 722 over Carroll’s Summit to Austin. SR722 is part of the original Lincoln Highway.

2. Visit the Austin Courthouse and look for ghosts!

3. Drive up over the giant “A” just above Austin, and get a bird’s eye view of the town. Make sure to bring your camera!

4. Attend the Coyote derby this weekend. For more information call 775-224-95145.

5. Do a bar crawl and visit all 5 bars!

6. Go to Spencer Hot Springs and relax in the hot pools.

For more information, visit http://austinnevada.com/index.html