Sunday, November 23, 2014

Video and Photography from the 14th Landsailing World Championship that took place near Austin, Nevada!

Check out these videos and photos of the FISLY-NALSA 14th Landsailing World Championship—world class landsailing only minutes from Austin!

NALSA (credit and permission to use in articles). This is a great video!

Walter Carels’ Worlds photo collection. Credit and permission to use, if Carels Photography watermark is retained on photos, granted by: Carels Photography, Belgium. Hi-res photo versions available on request.

Here's a article introducing the August Mainsail TV show and showing launch images of its three segments. After reading the article, view the segments from bottom to top in this order:
1. Sailing in the desert,
|2. How to master land sailing
3. The physics of land sailing.
Video and story credit & copyrights: