Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The 25th Annual OATBRAN Bikers Are on Their Way!

From Sunday, September 25th, to Saturday, October 1, the 2016 Annual OATBRAN (One Awesome Tour Bike Ride Across Nevada) is treking down Highway 50 and stopping in Austin. This annual Epic Journey across the Silver State is not just a bike tour but a more like a personalized bicycling vacation tour offered to bicycling enthusiasts from all over the World. This year marks the 25th annual ride and is the Silver Celebration of Biking Across the Silver State!

In 1862, a Pony Express rider kicked over a rock and uncovered a rich silver vein. Within two years, nearly 10,000 people flocked to Austin, which produced over $50 million in silver. Some of the oldest buildings in the state are still standing, like the Stokes Castle, the International Hotel, and the Gridley Store. The town of Austin welcomes the OATBRAN bikers! 

For more information, visit, or call the chamber at 775-964-2200.

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