Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holloween spirits walk the streets of Austin!

If you visit the old mining town of Austin during Halloween, you might just conjure up ghosts and memories of years past. Walking our streets, and visiting the many historic buildings, you’re sure to feel a strong presence of the Old West. And at night, you might want to experience some different spirits at one of the oldest hotel in Nevada. The International Hotel was first built in Virginia City in 1859, and parts of it were moved to Austin in 1863. It still serves meals and drinks but does not rent out rooms (there’s a motel across the street.) Halloween night at an authentic Old West Hotel in Austin Nevada—does it get any scarier?! To learn more about Austin Nevada and the International Hotel, visit http://austinnevada.com/index.html or http://austinnevada.com/international_hotel_is_the_o.dwt


Anonymous said...


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salman said...

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